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Excellent furniture development process:
Established: 2009 - 2011
Foshan City, good furniture Co., Ltd. was established in the Chinese furniture manufacturing ... Foshan Shunde Longjiang Town, launched the "Emperor Iraq impression" furniture brand, the main production and sale of dinette, coffee table, TV cabinets and other products of the original design furniture company.

Development period: 2011 - 2014
Excellent furniture to uncompromising attention to the spirit of artisans and adhere to the people-oriented design of the original concept of development, intentions, and gradually grow and develop, the plant from the initial 3000 square meters extended to 11,000 square meters, the company ahead with the Internet thinking mode, into the rapid development stage.

Teng period: 2014 so far ...
"U & U home" has its "Dili Yi impression" and "gifted good thinking" two brand series of products, combined with the vertical electricity business and community electricity for the business model, the brand is easy to brand communication, "U & U home" Leading "O2O Internet +" business new model, committed to the development of a global multi-functional home of the benchmark. Plant 11,000 square meters expanded to 23,000 square meters, help the company to develop the takeoff.
  U & U home brand interpretation
U & U home brand core concept: no bundle of excellent life
"U" meaning:
           ★ United union / unity
           ★ Universe world
            Upgrade to upgrade
            Unique unique / unique
Full of passion with the excellent team, combined with global resources, upgrade and optimize the brand
Products, to create a unique brand image, creating unrestrained "excellent life" approach.
Brand features: whole house as a whole. Multi-functional intelligent, original design, natural environmental protection, practical, taste,
Fashion, simple, relaxed, pleasant, creating a free "excellent life" approach